Blackjack Game and Its Peculiarities

Blackjack game is considered to be very popular casino game. There are several names for blackjack: Pontoon, Vingt-et-un and Twenty one (21). Blackjack origins are still in doubt. De Cervantes mentioned the game long time ago in his famous 'Don Quixote'. The 'vingt-et-un' was played in France since 1700. The word 'Blackjack' appeared when a gambler had the combination Jack and Ace both spades.

The objective

Many players recognized that blackjack could be really profitable. The thing is that the Online game is based on mathematical aspects and the winning can be provided via card counting. The objective is to gain the higher total compared to the dealer's and not to exceed 21 at the same time. A dealer is the main opponent.

Cards value

Those points that players get depend on the cards value. The lasts become clear from the cards' denomination. For instance, the value of cards in a deck from 2 to 9 is clear and coincides with their numbers. Queens, jacks and kings are considered to be count as 10. Aces imply 1 or 11, depending on the gaming situation a player needs. The combination '10 points (of any card) + Ace' is the greatest hand which is called blackjack.

The other winning situation implies that a dealer has fewer points compared to a player and player's scores form the total under 21. In case a player or dealer has a card which form a total more than 21 he has a busted hand that losses.

Online game

Online blackjack player firstly should place his bet. Each player is dealt with two cards which are placed face up. A dealer in his turn gets 1 faced up card and the second one - faced down. The players have a possibility to get one more card if they need an additional one. After this a dealer opens his second card.

There is one important option for player called insurance. Sometimes after dealer's first card a player can be sure that dealer will have blackjack. Thus, it is possible to place a stake on a dealer. One of the numerous Blackjack Tips tells us that it is better not to take insurance since it can be advantageous only if a player provides a card counting during the game.

In case a dealer does not have 21, players can choose one from different options: Hit, Stand, Split, Double or Surrender. The dealer can play the hand after everybody played his hand. Moreover, there are always certain rules for dealer established by house.