Blackjack Oddsand Possibilities

The key to winning at blackjack game is to know what the odds are. Successful blackjack players know exactly how to use their knowledge of the odds to win. They often base their actions and the size of their bets on what they expect will happen. Their expectations are based on the cards in their hands and those already seen as well as their knowledge of the deck's composition.

Basic Odds

When you apply the correct yet basic strategy you are able to determine blackjack odds on more than one deck type of blackjack game to around .45 percent. Now in other words this means that you can lose 45 cents off each $100 bet that you place. However this doesn't mean that you will lose only 45 cents from every $100 bet that you place but it can be considered more like an average on the long term you can lose.

Not using this basic yet effective blackjack strategy may result in what is known as House edges which is 5% or even more. Since insurance is around seven percent of the House edge it should be avoided at all costs.

Odd variations in Blackjack

Some of the casinos have converted from the "dealer stands on soft 17" to what is known as "dealer hits soft 17" type rule. This change in the rules gives the House edge a boost of around .66 percent. The once surrender option which allowed you to surrender 50% of your bet as well as forfeit your hand had a significant advantage when it was applied correctly. The House edge has been knocked down to .35% for soft 17 rules and to around .55 percent for rules which are less than favorable.

Understanding Blackjack Odds - Things you should know

Often times blackjack variations that may seem to offer odds which are in your favor are not always as good as they seem. Many of the games that boast of offering higher payouts, better odds and the use of insurance often incorporate Spanish decks. Spanish decks have many tens removed but have face cards. Now a deck which has many ten-point cards put the odds in favor of the player while a deck that does not puts it in favor of the house.