Card Counting at Blackjack

Is Card Counting a Cheating Method?

We can bet that every blackjack player wants to become a card counter in order to look as a real pro at blackjack table and to win a lot of money.First of all, you have to know that card counting officially is not consider to be a cheating at casino even taking into consideration the fact it used to be a favorite method of many MIT teams that helped them to 'ravage' casinos.

However, being caught on applying of card counting you may be asked to leave your gaming place by casino employees since all gambling establishments beware of counting pros.

Card Counting Strategy

Yes, don't be surprised - it is a kind of strategy. Actually there are even subtypes included in card counting strategy which may be used by blackjack players. Here are the most popular of them:

  • Hi/Lo Count
  • KO Count
  • Zen Count
  • Omega 2
  • Red Seven

The main thing every player should keep in mind about those (and of cause others, less popular) strategies in pink casino is that they divided into different groups depending on complicacy during performance. It is even better to say that there are 4 levels of difficulty each of which includes certain card count strategy. Players usually choose a particular card counting method taking into consideration all aspects of its performance and their own unique attitude of mind.

Card Counting Learning

As we have already mentioned almost every player once in his gaming activity wondered if he can learn how to perform card counting at blackjack table and is it actually possible. The answer is yes, definitely. To be honest, a person can do anything if he has a strong desire and a bit of efforts. However, every future card counter should have some qualities that are obvious for card counting:

  • Great memory
  • Practice in cards memorizing
  • Good imagination
  • Great pretending skills.