Composition-dependent strategy

The composition-dependent blackjack strategy is another kind of the blackjack strategy that you need to consider while playing blackjack. This strategy considers the order in which the cards have been dealt as the main factor for the game. In another words, on the opposite from basic blackjack strategy, which considers total of player’s cards, composition-dependent blackjack strategy considers not just the total of cards but the composition of cards in player’s hands as well. At the same time, there are exceptions even in composition-dependent strategy when it relies only on the exact cards in player’s hands.

Pros and cons of the composition-dependent strategy

For example if you have a ten, it is, at some point, less likely that next card you will take will be a ten as well. If the dealer has a ten as well, chances for you to go bust are even smaller. If you remember there are sixteen 10’s in one deck.

At the same time, as an example, if the dealer has 3, and the player has 13 it is better for the player to stand and wait for the dealer to go bust. But if the player has 13 as a combination of 10 and 3, then the player needs to hit to improve his\her position, because it is less likely for the dealer to go bust in this case.

Unfortunately composition-dependent strategy works better with single deck dealer’s shoe. It is easy to count one deck: only 52 cards and 16 of them are 10’s. With each new 10 in player’s or dealer’s hands a possibility for the next card to be a 10 decreases significantly. If there are more decks on the table, and we mean more than just one deck, this strategy won’t help you almost a bit. In more than one deck blackjack this strategy cannot be used for winning all the time, but it can decrease house’s edge a little.

There are no land casinos with one deck blackjack tables. You can find single deck blackjack games in casinos online and practice this strategy there.