Online Blackjack Glossary

  • Anchorman - Anchorman who is the player and he always sit in the right side of the dealer.
  • Barring a Player - a player is not allowed to play this game by the casino is called barring player.
  • Blackjack - Blackjack means who will get an ace and also a 10 valued card
  • Bust - A player who will get more than 21 points, then he will be busted.
  • Card Counter - when the dealer will deal the card, then an expert player will count of card.
  • Card Counting - Card counting is one of vital things to play this game.
  • Dealer - the casino will select the dealer, the dealer may be casino employee, or a player who will deal the card during the period of game
  • Deck - A suitable desk is needed where is enough place for 52 cards.
  • Double Down - this is one of the options for any player.
  • First Baseman - A player who will sit left side of the dealer is called first baseman.
  • Flat Bet - Every player will bet in same amount
  • Floor man - Floor man means who will observe the dealer when the game will be continuing.
  • Hand - The dealer will give the card to the player.
  • Hard Total - when the players do not get any ace, then ace value will be One.
  • High Roller - who will bet the highest amount in this blackjack game is called high roller player.
  • Hit - Getting an extra card, he can hit.
  • Hole Card - Hole cards means the dealer will not see his cards.
  • House - House where is in built in casino.
  • Multiple-Deck - Many casinos are in this world where are in more than one desk.
  • Paint - Paint means all the drawing cards. Such as- king, queen and jack.
  • Ten-Value Card - All the ten numbering card and all the painting cards value are ten.
  • Twenty-One - Blackjack is known as twenty one games.

Those are the most important regulation to play this game. To play this game you have to know well.

Besides, there are some terms and condition to play this game. When you will play this game, then you could know well about this game detail.