Online Video Poker at Lucky Nugget

Online Video Poker is very little different from playing video poker at a club or live casino such as UK Lucky Nugget. The rules are the same, the game play is the same, and the more skilled you are at playing it the more money you are likely to win.

Unlike most slot games in the UK, video poker is not all about getting lucky. Agreed that there are some elements in slot bonus games that may require a certain amount of skill, but really the outcome of slots is random and there is very little you can do to change your luck. Well, again that is an arguable point; you can choose when to play, select games that are loose, and play progressive jackpots where the jackpot is so large that every bet has a positive expectation; but apart from that there is little you can do to increase you win rate.

There is also a lot of luck in video poker, but by playing the game optimally you can greatly influence the outcome. There are many different video poker variants in the UK and each one of them has an optimum strategy. Admittedly, working them out for yourself is very difficult, but many of them have been published on the web and with a little judicious searching you should be able to locate them without too much difficulty. Depending on the particular game variant, it is even possible to find a video poker game strategy that has a positive edge for the player. That means that if you don’t make a mistake and you play it for long enough, you are bound to win.

If you can play poker, then you will find video poker very easy to play, and if you don’t know very much or anything at all about real poker, then video poker is a great introduction to that fascinating game, but just playing it is a lot of fun.