Win and Loss Limits

The line between responsible, and irresponsible, gambling, is so faint that you won’t even see it. It’s almost invisible, but it’s there if you pay attention to it for long enough. Fun is addictive. It’s the reason why children are stuck behind closed doors with a game controller slowly being fused to their wrists. The fun of technology has had a scrap with the bike and the bike is now lying on its side all battered and bruised.

The world of the Unibet casino is fun personified, an adults Charlie and the Chocolate Factory if you will. But more often that not the fun comes at the expense of cash, with the more you win meaning the happier you become. Let’s go back to the child playing with his X-Box in his bedroom. Now a responsible parent would limit game time. Find the right balance. Casino gaming is the same.

So how does an adult impose there own rules? One logical, and sensible, way to do this is set stop wins and stop losses.

Stop Wins

Before you head to the casino, or log in to play online, make sure you are quite clear about how much money you are playing with. This is known as the portion of bankroll for this particular session. Now how much would you say would be a great ROI of a successful evening? This is your stop-win. When you hit this point you stop playing and do something else to put a smile on that mug.

Stop Losses

Quid pro quo, how much do you want to lose without it affecting your mood? This amount is your stop-loss. When you hit this basement then you stop and find something else to pick you up.

Stop wins and losses are a great way to control your gambling. The right balance to maintain the fun factor.