Online Casino Gambling: Tips to Win and Prosper in Slots

There was a time when slots were referred to as fools’ games.  Today, slots are among the most enjoyable and addictive games – whether you play them at home on your computer or you go down to the casino to play on the slots machine.  Learning slots is simple, even the rules are so few that anyone can master, but do you know what it takes to be a master at slots?  Can you play and win or are you just one of the many who have tried what they can but they just can’t seem to master a good slots strategy?  Well, I have a few tips that should help you be better at slots and actually win when you play.  First you can try to play it online. We think this is the best site. And then you can start playing in a real place. Read on to find out more.

a) Play online:  There are many difference between playing slots on a slot machine at the local casino and playing it online from your computer.  Although your personal preference counts, I argue that the online casinos offer more benefits, advantages and bonuses than local casinos.

a) Never play money you cannot afford to lose:  This is probably the most important rule that applies to every gambling game.  Although today you can go online and play using virtual money, if you are going to play slots for real money, do not play with rent money.  Just like any other casino game, slots is a game of chance and you can either win or lose.

b) Increase your chances by choosing the right machine:  You stand a greater chance of winning if you go with a machine with the least number of slots.  When playing slots online, you have the option of choosing the number of slots depending on your risk appetite or amount to play, going for a machine with 3 slots presents greater winning opportunities than one with 5.

c) Know when to quit:  Every gambler must know when to quit.  This is particularly important for those playing with real money.  The difference between a winner in gambling and a loser lies in how they handle their wins or losses.  You can stop when you are ahead or you can stop when you are losing and there is no sign of winning.

d) Have fun:  The secret to success in slots is enjoying it – not just playing for the coins.  When you enjoy playing slots, you become more aware of how they are spinning and how much force you need to apply to score.  After all, games are meant to be enjoyed first, and if you enjoy it while winning, you might as well make some cash out of it.


Here are a few tips for those who would wish to play and do well in online slots games – whether playing for fun with virtual coins or playing for real cash and want to win big.