Zen Count for Blackjack Players

Blackjack is the card game where you must know about the cards what have been dealt and what are going to be dealt. If you can muster this skill then you can easily win the game and the payouts will be higher and the house edge will be lower than ever. If you search well then you can find many card counting systems in the market and most of them are effective. Some of these card counting systems are fake so you have to choose the card counting system what has great effect on the game. You have to learn the different strategies like Hi-Lo and card counting systems like Zen.

These card counting systems based on different theories. Some carding systems ignores the aces, they count the aces as 0. Some card counting systems changed the 10s and also the aces to count the cards. Though, you just ignores the aces but you have to get the number of aces have been dealt already and how many will come. You have to take note of every card and then you can decide that this lead is beneficial for you or not. For the blackjack players to don't know about card counting, Zen Count is the most preferable system because it does not count the side but you must know that this system isn't for the new players, this is only for those players who know the game really well but don't know about card counting.

How Zen Counting Works

This systems works with 5 different tag values, which will increase the predicting ability of the players and the changes of your stakes, will depend on the card counting.

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 A
+1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +1 0 0 -2 -2

This counting system is one of the best and you need to correct the calculation to have great success in the game. So, always have in mind, this system only for the players who don't know card counting but skilled in blackjack. This card counting system is different than other card counting systems but this is the best for those players who are new to card counting and want to learn the total procedure easily and within a short time. This will increases the odds in the game and you will lose less money than usual. Most of the card counting methods provide proportional results, so don't be sure every time, always use your instinct to make your decision in the game.