K-O Count at Blackjack

So talking about different systems of card counting. It is not really difficult - to count. But how to count right? How to count so that the dealer or a pit boss would not notice you and your mathematical efforts? Well, everything good, or I would say, perfect, demands practice and developing skills. Are you gonna do that?

Honestly, everything depends on you. Those folks in the casinos have such a sharp eye, or maybe many eyes everywhere and they can trace you down in a blink of an eye. And we are not talking even about the cameras, which are everywhere.

Knock Out

It is a unbalanced system of card counting. What is the balanced system? It is the one, where the entire counting process leads you to the count 0. If the system is unbalanced you will end up anywhere else but 0. I guess it is pretty clear now.

The KO strategy has a slight difference from the Hi-Lo system. Here we count 7 as +1. We simply add one more number to the small numbers. If you are going to count the entire deck, you will finish on +4, as there are 4 evens in each deck.


Well, the inventors of the system decided to make some nice things for the blackjack players. As it is always, noisy in the casinos, it is really difficult to keep a track of cards, as if you turn your head to another direction from the table, you gonna lose a lot. And that is why the inventors supposed that it would be easier for the players to perform card counting.

Who knows? Either it is easy or not, you decide but before going to a real casino, try to do that at home. You can always practice and improve your card counting skills on your friends.