Red Seven Blackjack Counting

A strategic method of gaining advantage in the game of blackjack is by using a method of card counting known as Red Seven. This method was devised by a blackjack player known as Arnold Snyder, who has written a book titled Black Belt in Blackjack that describes this method in detail.

Using the Red Seven method is not an instant guarantee of making a lot of money at blackjack. The Red Seven method will, however, give you a good signal of when it is the right time to place your bet in blackjack.

The fundamentals of Red Seven Count

A game of blackjack judges cards on their face values. However, a deck of cards has only 52 cards. It is possible for a player to train their brain in such a way that they can deduce the cards remaining in the deck. Only a few people with photographic memories can remember all the cards that they have seen on the table. Red seven describes an easy way to reach at the same conclusion without having to memorize the cards. This technique may not be able to point the cards that may be dealt next, but it can give an indication of whether those cards will be higher or lower.

Why is the important count?

Your count lets you make good betting decisions. A decision to make bigger bets can be taken if your card count indicates that a large number of high value cards have still not been dealt.

Conversely, you should start betting lower in case your card count indicates that most of the high value cards have been dealt already.

Specific Implementation

The goal is to keep a total of the cards as they are dealt. You start with zero, and as cards are dealt, you update the count as explained next.

Increase your total by 1 for cards from 2 to 6. Deduct 1 for all cards above 10. Do not change the count for any other cards. Only in case of a red seven, add 1 to your count. In this manner, you can keep an easy count of the cards during the game. This will eventually help you to place your bets with an improved chance of winning.