MIT Blackjack Team and Personalities

Have you watched a movie 21? Did you like it? Were you interested? So, if you did not get a chance to see, don't feel sorry. It is based on a MIT blackjack team, which showed up on a horizon in the beginning of 90s.

So, talking about blackjack, card counting and other things and strategies, which are actually connected with this topic. To be a good card counter means that you are a quick-witted person. But apart from that, you are to be smart at first.

But enough about the skills, practice and other stuff, which is not actually so interesting in this article. MIT stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A bunch of really talented and smart kids started playing blackjack. Who would have thought that those students would bring the houses of Vegas, Atlantic City and other places down?

Not Scam

It is not a scam, if you are concerned that something would be messed up with the folks. Card counting does not include any type of scam, although some casinos harshly fight it, as they claim "it is a scamming method." Let us not go down to the level of greedy tycoons.

Sometimes it happened that they could make about $400, 000 for a weekend. But it could not be unnoticed. The faces that frequently showed up in the gambling spot. The tables that lost thousands and thousands while some certain people were there. The security system that kept track of the team and gradually figured out that they are connected.

Labor and Rewards

Each member worked really hard. Everyone had to pass some kind of exam before becoming a real member of the team and to go gambling hard. They rented different places in Boston and worked, worked, worked.

They used card counting hi/lo system. You know that you cannot use card counting for the online games, as the cards are shuffled after each round.

They were really cool but eventually they were found and revealed. A wonderful example of devotion and desire to win.